Trailtech fan for wr450

Seems like some one was just talking about this. Anyway, three of us emailed trailtech to inquire about a plug and play fan for the wr. I was advised that there had been a dozen or so inquiries and when there was about two dozen, trailtech would build them.

Anyway, I thought if some more of us contacted them, trailtech may go ahead and start making them.

This is who I mailed and I got a response within a day.



What year were you asking for? Mine's an 03, which may be entirely different than yours. 

That's a good point. I was asking for the 2012 and newer.

What year were you asking for? Mine's an 03, which may be entirely different than yours.

E-mail anyway. I have an 07 WR450 and 07 WR250 and want fans. We all need to write and ask so they see there is interest. 

I just sent them an email. I'm really hoping they are able to get these made. My 2012 WR450 really would benefit as it regularly overheats in the tight technical woods riding I do.

Thanks for taking the time to email them. Surely, we can get enough interest for them to start production.


I emailed Trailtech and got this replay from Justin Yancy, , "We currently do not offer a fan kit for any of the WR model bikes. We are planning on designing one in the future but do not have an ETA yet."

I also received a reply from Justin Yancy at Trail Tech, this is what he said


"We currently do not offer a fan kit for the WR. We are however going to make one. It is the next product that we are going to be designing. It should be available within the next couple of months."


This kind of got my hopes up that perhaps we might be able to purchase on this coming summer. Fingers crossed.

So in, once they get released.

So in, once they get released.

Did you send an E-mail?

I did send an email, asking if they had a mailing list so they could let me know when it is available, so that I can order one,

I might send e-mails from all my family members accounts.

I am so glad they are designing one. I had a fella show up with a brand new 14 last night. He asked me where he could get a fan and I told him, "funny you should ask".

I hope they get it lined out before summer hits here in idaho.

I would pay them right now.

Thank for taking the time to email them. I have no affiliation with them whatsoever. But, I think they are a good company. Especially if they are listening to their "target demographic"(us)

Keep encouraging your buddies with wr's to not miss this chance.



FYI My buddy emailed trailtech today. .

He already received this reply from them.

"We are currently working on developing a fan kit for the fuel injected WR450’s. We will most likely not have anything available for a few months, but I am saving all emails from customers who are inquiring about them so we can get in touch once they are available. Please let anyone else you know who has a 2011-15 WR450 to email us if they are interested so I can put pressure on our engineering team. "

I watched a video on the fan they make for the ktm and Honda. You can set the temperature that activates the fan. Seems pretty trick to me.

But I have 2 07's.....

But I have 2 07's.....

It might not take much to retro-fit a fan from an fi model.


I wonder if any one has heard updates about r and d for this fan?



I'd like one for the 04 wr.  Mail sent.

Email sent.

E-mail sent, even listed my wish list.

2012 WR450-Hope it will fit with IMS tank and Yamaha radiator braces...that would be great!

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