Trailtech fan for wr450

No fans for 2011 and earlier WR's..

Awesome that trailtech are doing this.

However, I sent an email asking about a fan for my 04. He said it will not likely work with earlier models.


I don't mean to sound negative, but if we pre-2012 owners will still have to build our own mounting brackets for the Trailtech fan, it's probably going to be just as easy and maybe cheaper to buy a 4" SPAL puller fan like i've seen done in different threads on here.

I sent in a request today and Brian said they are just waiting for a bike to fit and they are hoping to have something out this summer.


I wonder if the new wr250 fan wouldn't fit? anyone tried it yet?

I haven't heard anything else. Any one else have any updates


You saw my post, here is the reply from Trail Tech on March 31, 2015

Sending them e-mails is working!


Hello David,

 We are working on developing a fan kit for the 2011+ WR450’s.  Hopefully we will have something to offer sooner than later.  I will save your contact info and be sure to let you know when we have a kit available.    

 As far as working with an IMS tank and Yamaha rad braces, I’m  not sure if these will work or not.  We generally do not design products to work with other aftermarket accessories.  We are focused on OEM fitment more than anything else.



Brian DeHate | Sales & Tech Support
P: (360) 687-4530 F: (360) 687-8164

Trail Tech, Inc.
1600 SE 18th Ave. 
Battle Ground, WA 98604 | 2015 Catalog

I installed a waterproof muffin type on my '03 and it works GREAT!


My '07 came with an oversized Clark tank and I had seen posts where some guys had used those Spal four inch ones on them,but they are to thick to work with this bigger tank.


 Last week I installed another four inch slim waterproofed muffin fan on it, It is only one inch thick and does not run with near the speed/power of the one on the '03 so am just hoping it will pull enough air to do the job. I think it will but will see once it really gets hot out.

email sent

I just sent in a request also ... website still not showing anything avail.  Anybody have any updates from TT?

The older WR models don't need a fan.  Waste of money.  They have a cool running motor and are not susceptible to engine temps like the FI models.   Besides that, I wouldn't buy any Trail Tech crap anyway. 

I just sent my email asking about a fan kit. I ride a 2004 WR450. Will see what type of response I get.

The older WR models don't need a fan.  Waste of money.  They have a cool running motor and are not susceptible to engine temps like the FI models.   Besides that, I wouldn't buy any Trail Tech crap anyway. 


I've used many Trail Tech products over the years and never had any issues that could not be fixed.  Trail Tech has some of the best customer support also ... plenty of  companies should/could take a page from their book!  Just my opinion, usual disclaimers apply yada yada ...

Just got an email back today from trail tech....they now have a kit for the wr450f....they sent me a pic of the install and are now taking pre-orders.


That looks pretty trick. There are a couple of us that have already told them yes. They said they would call with ordering info.

The LCD / CPU looks like its not mounted in the best place, with the header so close.

I have the moose rad guards so it's not going to work on mine....I think I'm going with the universal fan kit instead.

I just got done installing a home made 2 fan kit on my 07. It works great. No more boiling for me. I take her into the tightest of woods. Before the fans, I would always turn the bike off every chance I got. Now, I leave her running as long as I want! And the best part is, it's really quiet when the fans are on. Compared to the single fan KTMs. Never boiled over again.


And what type of fans did you use?

Hey guys I'm installing my trail tech vapor, I don't really have the patience to mess around with the tacho wire and how many times to wrap it around the spark plug wire, while your hear, any tips or things I should know?

Cheers guys

I am giving the trail tech cooling fan a thumb's down for 2014 wr450s. The installation design & procedure is not good due to the fit between the frame, inner radiator bolt and the fan bracket. The bracket on the fan is the problem but also access to the inner bolt after installation is not good either and this is easily observered by the red marked line in the install instructions regarding 2.5 turns of the bolt.


A better design would have used a similar bracket, but allowed the fan to be "slip in" installed into the bracket after the bracket is installed seperately(and after the inner radiator bolt is tightened properly!!) with easy to access bracket to the fan fasteners. The fan itself is fastened to the bracket but the fan to bracket fasteners are as inaccesible as the inner radiator bolt once installed.

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