Trailtech fan for wr450

I just got done installing a home made 2 fan kit on my 07. It works great. No more boiling for me. I take her into the tightest of woods. Before the fans, I would always turn the bike off every chance I got. Now, I leave her running as long as I want! And the best part is, it's really quiet when the fans are on. Compared to the single fan KTMs. Never boiled over again.


And what type of fans did you use? 

I've got an 06, but built my own setup with the 4" SPAL fan. Wired with a thermostatic switch to trigger a relay. As well as a button override.

Maybe $60 total parts? Although time and labor is not included in that.

Built off of the radiator guard brackets. I still want to get some high temp padding to block fresh air from getting in the sides though (forcing all air to flow through radiator)

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1450843294.063518.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1450843320.441059.jpg

I am giving the trail tech cooling fan a thumb's down for 2014 wr450s. The installation design & procedure is not good due to the fit between the frame, inner radiator bolt and the fan bracket. The bracket on the fan is the problem but also access to the inner bolt after installation is not good either and this is easily observered by the red marked line in the install instructions regarding 2.5 turns of the bolt.


A better design would have used a similar bracket, but allowed the fan to be "slip in" installed into the bracket after the bracket is installed seperately(and after the inner radiator bolt is tightened properly!!) with easy to access bracket to the fan fasteners. The fan itself is fastened to the bracket but the fan to bracket fasteners are as inaccesible as the inner radiator bolt once installed.


I would like add a modification and can now give the Trailtech fan kit for 2014 wr450 a thumb's up. I have found a better way to install the Trailtech fan.


First you need an extra small 8mm wrench, the Kobalt keychains wrenches pictured below are great for this:


With the extra small wrench (for re-tightening) you can loosen the inner radiator bolt as much as you need to so the fan bracket slides easily between the radiator ear and gromet, without causing you to damage your radiator fins by overworking the small space & tight angles of the fit. The small wrench can then reach & fit the inner radiator bolt such that you can re-tighten it slowly but steadily. (the key ring wrench is much smaller than your typical 8mm wrench).


I strongly recommend loosening all the radiator bolts (inner as well as the 2 outer) so you have enough free play to allow the fan to easily slide in with as little contact to the radiator as possible.


My fan works great now, though I wasn't pleased with the state of my radiator on the first installation go around.



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