Magnetic Drain Plug

I am looking for a Magnetic Oil drain plug. I remember reading about one in Motocross Action Magazine. They had a picture of it holding up a cam from a bike. Does anyone remember seeing this add or know where I can get one for my WR426. I want one that has the balls to do the job. Not a whimpy magnet! Thanks,



The plug was the Ty Davis model, you can get them from Terry Cable.

I'm running the GYT-R aluminum plug with magnet in my 99. I'm going to do my first oil change, with the new plug this week. I don't think the stock plug has the same magnetic strength as the TD model. That thing was awesome.



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I have run the GYT-R aluminum type magnetic drain plung in my 99 WR fro the past 2 years and it works just fine, you get it from Yamaha. I bleieve Moose makes a alloy one that is a little cheaper.



A magnetic drain plug is stock equipment on a DRZ...

WR: awesome motor and suspension stock

DRZ: magnetic drain plug stock

Uh, I'll take the Yami! :)

Moose does make a magnetic drain plug for about $13. I found lot's of crud on it the first 6-7 oil changes (installed it before riding the first time). Now after a year only a very small amount of debris is found on the plug.

Bryan thats funny!!! :)


I installed my Ty Davis drain plug. And I was surprised that this thing really can pick up a 18 inch pipe wrench. I am hoping that it won't affect my stator! :) Anyway this thing really works great. I would recommend this piece for any WR owner that wants to buy some cheap insurance. Thanks everyone for there help, and thank you Ty Davis for the fine product. :D


You can make your own for a few bucks. Go to Radioshack and ask for a pack of "Rare earth magnets" They are very small (1/16"x 1/4" ) and will adhere themselves to your plug. They are very strong, and very flat, and when you pull your plug you can remove them and wipe everything clean. you could also drill the end of your plug to recess the magnet out of the way.


Next time you change the oil, let us know how much crud the plug has on it. I did my first oil change after installing my GYT-R unit and only got fine metal out of the engine. I had some larger pieces in the oil filter.... nothing huge, just the normal sized stuff. If you get bigger peices on your plug, I'll switch.

Nothing is to good for my baby :)


Mine from GYT-R leaked. It's almost like the threads were a fraction of a mm too small. Went back to stock plug and had no problems.


John E. Walker


Where can you buy the ty davis magnetic plug from. I have tried a few places with no luck.



John, I hope you used the washer they included with the plug. :)

Mark, Look up TerryCable on the net, they have them.

Dennis :D

Whats the point in a magnetic drain plug!?

When the bike is fitted with an oil filter.

Beyond awsome motor, spongey suspension and magnetic drainplug all stock on my new KTM 520 EXC also :)



Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

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The magnetic is cheep insurance to catch metal in case the filter cannot screen it. Or catch it before some serious damage happens to your motor.


If anyone can find "magnetic drain plugs", on the terrycable site, I'll give you a million. I did a search and came up with rabbit ears.

Just call them. I ordered one for my WR & one for the wifes TTr( same one btw). I had quite a bit of crud on mine yesterday when I changed the oil. Not much on hers yet.


click on and click on Drain Plugs under the parts list.

$16.95!!! (good thing it comes with the copper washer)

I've been running one I got from Moose, but its magnet will NOT pick up an 18" pipe wrench. On the other hand, it doesn't leak either...


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