03 YZ450f leaking oil

Just bought my YZ yesterday and it leaks a bit of oil right above the countershaft sprocket where the clutch cable pulls the lever. He said there is a seal that is under that little lever piece that needs replacing and that is why it leaks. I inspected everything really good and made sure it isnt a crack in the case or anything. It only drips oil when you ride it and just a little after you are done, but its not alot. Is there really a seal that goes there and how could I fix it?

Yes there is a oil seal and typically you would just remove the clutch cable from the clutch shaft and pull it out of the motor reveling the seal hope this helps happy riding

You can't just pull the lever out.  In order to do that, you have to remove the clutch cover, remove the pressure plate, outer push rod, and the push rod ball, then draw the inner push rod out at least a half inch.  The push rod retains the shaft by fitting into a slot at the bottom of the shaft.  Once the rod is out, the clutch release arm and shaft will lift out.

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