2014 Flywheel weight from Steahly

I was excited to see that Steahly finally came out with a 7oz weight for this bike.  So I just epoxied one on, only to find out that it rubs the stator.  This is unfortunate.  Now I'm not able to ride and don't have a stock flywheel.  

For which bike model/year?


never heard of a FWW that you 'epoxy' on,

can't imagine that being too solid or balancing properly.

Have you contacted Steahly? I'll bet he will fix it.

It's a 2014, YZ 250f.  I spoke to Steahly and they were good about it, but the weight didn't quite fit.  They offered to machine it down, but I didn't want to wait.  So I had a local machinist take 1.5 mm off of the outer face, where it rubbed and it seemed fine.  I tested it by putting grease on one of the parts that rubbed together and none transferred while turning the engine over by hand. I ran it around the block, but i still want to pull it apart to make sure it's not rubbing.  I'll send the new measurements back to Steahly to close the loop.  


No the epoxy wasn't the problem.  The weight has 4 set screws plus epoxy.  Anything I could've done wrong would separate the flywheel from the weight, which would have added to the clearance between it and the stator pick-up.  I'll drain the oil and check it again tomorrow.    

There is heavier flywheel for 2014 YZ250F GYTR® Flywheel 1SM-H13A0-V0-00



I don't think the weight was rubbing by much.  1.5mm fixed it.  I've attached some pics of the changes made.  These same photos were sent to Stealhy.  He noted them and he was very good about everything.  


I rode the bike with the new weight today for the first time.  Someone will ask, "how much difference does it make?" I'd answer that by saying very little, which is exactly what I wanted.  It's a bit more resistant to stalling but it's not noticeable during aggressive (faster)riding or free revving.  




The machined weight:


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