ICE / Snow MX / Scrambles best tire to use screws on?

Ok I agree, if your going to ride in the snow then best to buy a real studded tire and forget the screws. BUT if you had a ton of screws, what is the best tire to use? When I say best I am not at all concerned with its performance, just how long it lasts. My biggest problem by far is the front tire not the rear. I can control the throttle enough to get some life out of the rear. Its the SIDE knobs on the FRONT tire that I loose in literally a few laps. I am told that I need a tire that has as had a compound a s I can get as the screws tear out of the softer tires too easily.   Again  its the side knobs on front that are causing me the most issue by far. 

I like using junk, hard rubber, narrow kniobbies tires. Put a 1/4-20 bolt through the center of every knob. Take about 600 bolts.



You could try a cheap Kenda or Cheng Chin 858 dual sport tire. These tires are hard and the side knobs are relatively close together so less chance of screws pulling out.

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