Crankcase vent relocation

Sorry if this has been covered before but I couldn't find it.

I noticed when inspecting my valves I had all kinds of crap in the valve train area that looked like leaves, twigs etc.

It looks like it was sucked up by the crankcase vent hose that runs under the engine.

Has anyone encountered this and if so figured a way to relocate it to say the air box?


Most everyone that rides through deep water relocates that hose along with the carb vents to the airbox.  Search around on here for "swamp proofing" for more, but here's a start:


You had leaves and twigs inside your valve cover?  That should never happen as that area is typically higher pressure (due to combustion blowby) and forces air out rather than in.

I think it may happen when you stall in deep water and try to restart it.

Seems hard to believe that could happen.

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