Friends bought plated 4 strokes. -_-

Last year I got back into riding and bought a 14 KTM 300xc. I used the sicass racing kit and made the bike road legal (barely) so I could cross small sections of road to get from trail to trail. Me buying this bike has sparked a few of my friends interest into buying dirt bikes and getting back into the sport as well. The problem is, they all bought plated 4 strokes and plan to travel much more pavement than I really feel comfortable with. We're talking up to 10 miles (max) of paved roads to get to the trail.


So my question is, what can I do to my 2 stroke to make it a little more bearable on the street? Here are a few things I was thinking of, but was hoping others could chime in.


1. re-jet the bike (running stock jetting currently)

- Should I do anything different'y here since it's going to be on the street?

- Is it bad to hold the bike at a steady rpm? I know the motor likes to be under a load but will it hurt anything?


2. Getting the head cut and squish set and then changing gearing

- I'm thinking of going to 14/48 gearing. I figure the new power from the head mod would let me pull this gearing with ease. Thoughts?


3. Getting the wheels balanced

- I don't plan on going over 55 mph tops on the street. Mostly in the 40mph range (backroads)


4. Buy some DOT approved tires

- still running the crappy stock tires at the moment


I realize this bike will never be good on the street. I'm just looking for ways to make it a little better. Any thoughts or input is appreciated.

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Other than tires, I don't think you need to do anything to run on the street for those distances. Old timers like myself remember the days when many street bikes were two strokes.

A lot of dual sport guys like that Pirelli MT 43 tire for the rear.

A cheap way to try taller gearing is to buy a one tooth larger front sprocket.

start bringing bottles of oil for pre-mix at the pump...

These are all my opinions, and my experience is based off several years that I had a Gas Gas XC200 plated in Idaho, and my recent experience with my '15 Husqvarna TE300 off road, including some high speed desert riding.


1. I can't believe you're getting by on stock jetting. My bike made it an hour on stock jetting, and was way too rich even in low elevation low temperature low humidity. Maybe you're in the place they made the jetting for. That aside, proper jetting is universal. I mean, if your jetting is correct throughout the range for the given environmental conditions, how you are riding your bike is irrelevant. In my experience riding my Gas Gas on pavement, I would have to surge the throttle when trying to obey speed limits. Lightly accelerate to a little over the limit, let it drop to a little below the limit, then bring it back up. Mostly just because even at small throttle openings, there wasn't enough load on the motor to keep from accelerating. Can run it a gear high and lug, but I prefer being in the middle of the RPM range. 


2. On stock (13:50) gearing, my TE300 tops out at 76 mph. Heck, at your desired speed of 40, you still have 2 gears left. (I know we have different transmissions, but they're the same for gears 3-6) Your 14:48 change is big. Unless you want to spend a lot of time up around 60, or you find yourself trying to shift into 7th gear on a very regular basis already, I wouldn't make that change. First on an XC would be pretty tall then.


3. I never balanced the wheels on my XC200 or the WR450 I had plated in Idaho, and never had a problem with short (up to 20 mile) runs on pavement up to 50 mph. You may be more sensitive. 


4. I don't hold much of an opinion on DS tires, they're such a compromise. Try it out, maybe you'll find something magical or your situation.


In summary, if you are going to generally ride somewhere near 40 for somewhere near 10 miles at a time on pavement, the only concern you brought up that has any relevance is the tire selection. But as always, do what you want, you're gonna do it anyway. 

Get cooler friends.

What he said

Ha ha!

Get cooler friends.




Over 10 miles of street riding doesn't seem very fun on any dirtbike, I'd just stick to riding dirt. :excuseme:

Ride it like you stole it. Last week I put about 10-15 miles of pavement, in between trails, on my 300XC. It's not plated yet and doesn't have any lights. Stock gearing will hit 90ish mph in 6th at the redline. 

Friends don't let friends buy 4strokes. :thumbsup:

I have a plated 200 and just sold a 250 that was. You should have no trouble going 10-20 miles. About 50mph is comfortable on the 200 and and the 250 could maintain 60mph just fine.

I will sometimes make the 15 mile trip from my house to where I ride.I once did a 80 mile road trip.I wouldn't recommend it.

It still feels a little wrong legally riding a 2st down the road.

But so right once you hit the trail.

Ride it like you stole it. Last week I put about 10-15 miles of pavement, in between trails, on my 300XC. It's not plated yet and doesn't have any lights. Stock gearing will hit 90ish mph in 6th at the redline.

yeah rode my 14' 300xc at Bell Mountain last weekend and my uncle has a 15' 350 husky and his speedo said 96mph at one point. I was waiting for it to blow up though lol
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DOT tires and a JD Jet kit.


You'll be fine after that.

UPDATE:  Jetting the bike with a Suzuki NECJ needle made the bike way easier to ride on the road. It might not be very fun on the road but it's a blast offroad. I might pickup a 4 stroke as a second bike eventually for the longer DS rides. 

first thing you should do is ride less on the street.


it's definitely worth putting a couple oz of wheelweights opposite the rimlock. I did that on my bike (i think 3oz on each wheel?) and it made the annoying vibration go away. I didn't officially 'balance' them or anything, just put on 3 oz of stick on weights and called it good. I got the weights from motion pro I think. it was a while ago.

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