mama mx series


Anyone do this series? All the tracks are 2-4 hours for me, but im planning, hoping, considering doing the whole series.

How is it? Do they have decent practice time before the race? 4 lap motos or more?

MAMA is ok. They are a little more serious and expensive than the Masters series. I think they are four laps still, but not really sure.

Mama definitely seems expensive to race.

For the first race will be 10-20 for entry fee unsure by reading, 35 to apply, 80 in race fees for two classes, 15 for a transponder, 50? For ama membership, plus a 3.5hr drive.

185 just in fees for the first day of races. Holy crap.

Plus if you go on the second gate of a split gate you might only get 3 laps. I'm done spending 100 dollars and spending 12 hours at the track for a 10 minute practice and 6 or 7 laps. That was my experience with MAMA.

What alternatives are there?

I gave a few MAMA races a shot last year after hearing good things in the past but wasn't impressed. I liked the transponder aspect (bought one and 2 yr subscription for $120ish so i didn't have to deal with renting one each race), was cool to check out lap times/charts etc. 


The schedule is different than most series' being that they run motos on saturday as well. If you just want to practice and aren't running any of the motos it's a LOT of sitting around. I swear every sunday, 45+ minutes is wasted hearing "We need X more flaggers before we can get started", got really annoying...


I had good luck with MDRA and Mainline, check those out! If you're not dead set on following a particular series, just pick some tracks you like and go when there's a race.  :ride:  

Mdra looks promising thanks man. I might do that, it looks to be cheaper, is it well organized?

Ran smoothly from what I remember. Last season was my first season racing in a while so I'm still trying to get things figured out as well. Take what I've said with a grain of salt...just pick a track you like and go for it, each series has its pros and cons. I actually remember getting like 3 $10 rocky mountain gift cards throughout the summer from MAMA so that was nice!


I believe MAMA and MDRA both have a $5 daily member card as well if you don't want to shell out the money and commit to the full series. 

MDRA also has the Rocky Mtn. gift cards, and is very well organized. Practice days always on the Saturday before the race, and the locations are probably a closer drive than the MAMA stuff. MAMA seems to be more for the serious youth racers of the area. MDRA much more friendly to the weekend warrior types. And the organizers of MDRA own Doublin Gap MX. The Yentzers. They've been involved in the sport as long as I can remember and are always trying to give back, and promote the sport. Just plain good people!

If your  a big bike rider and not mini, then the Masters series is the best bang for the buck.  No cards to buy,, no membership to buy, and most classes are 6 laps. You do have to pay a membership of 25 dollars if you want to be scored in the year end points, but you get daily awards if you do.  True "C" class, True "beginner"class also.

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That sounds really promising. 6 laps is actually pretty reasonable, 4 laps are over so fast!

I think im gonna do the masters series and maybe a couple from the mdra.

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