Looking for an adjustable fuel mixture screw for 2015 650l

I would like to get an aftermarket fuel mixture screw and can't seem to find one online.  I often go from Phoenix, AZ to Flagstaff, AZ which is 9K feet and want to easily adjust the idle fuel mixture.  Does anyone know where to find one?  Looking for something similar to the picture below





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$10 + shipping here,uses stock spring, o-ring and washer, on ebay or more expensive here or here but new spring, washer and o-ring(s) Be sure to read the fine print to make sure the springs and o-rings are included.

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Thanks D0T-C0M, but each of the links say it is NOT compatible with a XR650l??

I think it will still work but you would have to mod your carb to remove the old screw.  I haven't done it to the stock carb but it should work.  Maybe someone else can chime in that has experience with the stock carb to confirm.

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Ok after some research I guess those screws I linked above might not work. Look at This one (Available for CV and CVK Keihin carburetors 1990-2006) If your stock screw looks like the one in the video then it could work.  I hope someone can confirm before you buy it.

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just order an OE screw from the dealer for a 2001 XR650L........done like dinner,no screwin arround..



Does the 2001 OE screw have a slot for screwdriver or can it be adjusted with your fingers?  I'm looking for the finger adjustment type.  If someone can confirm the one D0T-C0M is referring to: This one  That would be great.  Also, I'm not sure my OEM screw had a washer.  I just saw the spring and rubber o ring.  Possible there was a washer still in there, but I didn't see one.     

The OE XR650L adjustment screw has a screw slot and also an arm off of it so it can be turned quite easily....


Trying that other one is a crap shoot,may or may not fit.........roll the dice and let me know how you make out with that one...



The OE XR650L adjustment screw has a screw slot and also an arm off of it so it can be turned quite .


No arm on the newer carbs 2014_2015 for sure

Nope,they changed it (in their wisdom) in 2013 and made it a royal pain in the arse to adjust........a 2001 and probably up to 2011 will have the screwdriver slot and little arm......i tell people 2001 because i have 2 carbs on the shelf that are 2001 and have the proper screw in it.....


I would never try anything but OE myself.....the thought of cross-threading the wrong one into a carb makes me think not..



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