Does stillwater OK raceway park suck

I was planning a trip to stillwater ok in feb to ride at that park and I heard not to waste my time that they don't takecare of it and that it is really dangerous can anyone clue me in?


Hey higgy- I've ridden there and it's not that bad. They don't prep it unless there is a race coming up soon. Go here for a link to some more info and you can post in their forum:

There are a couple other tracks in that area too. Email me for more info if you need...

PS- if you ride at Stillwater you will see some of the reddest dirt known to man. And it is real fine so it will get deep down into everything on your bike.


I sent you a private message

if anyone else knows of some tracks around stillwater please advise


I had a blast there.

There are a couple of moto tracks there.

and a nice one way off road course that winds around the 500 acre park.

the off road track has suprisingly very little ruts and sweet soft very red berms berms you can sink your teath into. The moto tracks can be slick with no rain but no ruts we stayed there 3 days 9 people zero wounded. Went to Ponca city

for two days after that more red dirt and fun.

as for dangrous? kind of goes with the turf don't it?

Have a safe trip Herbski

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