crf 50 with lifan 125 motor. reving issues Please help!

Hi guys I'm new to the forum and I have been at a stand still with my bike. I have a 05 crf 50 with lifan 125 motor. The magnito coil was broke due to previous owner chain popped n busted cover n coil.So it didn't run when I got it. Also it has a full FMF powercore 4. I replaced the magnito coil and fly wheel as I bought together from pitster store for 85$. No eBay junk . and threw a new cover on . new gas n oil. The air filter is taped on currently. Cuppling was snapped off when I got it . I'm just trying to get it running correctly then I'll replace it. So anyway . checked spark its getting blue spark. Fires right up and runs great I rode it for ten minutes as it was night time it ran awesome full power n all. Then next day rode for fifteen minutes. It shut off. Drained bowl let sit n fired it up idled great on its own give in gas fast bogs n wants to just die. Let off idles great give it throttle real slow it will rev nice n then 1/4 to wot breaks up n pops n bogs. Also starts great without choke but with choke won't run, I thought that was weird. Please help me. !!!! Tia

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