Don't ground accessories to steering stem head

Thought that I should post this because I came across it on my bike as I'm rewiring

Previous owner had installed a horn kit and ran the ground to the front fork assembly. This seems harmless (and maybe for the short term )

The problem is the bearings for your steering/fork bearings become the ground circuit for accessory and could be effected.

With more and more  threads about adding electrical components to the handlebars....Its important to remember current thu a bearing  (run your ground circuit to the frame or better yet to the battery)

Probably not a big deal.  I did it for  years with out knowing better.  In practice though, it is not the right way.  The easiest solution if you've already have done this is to run a ground from the steering head to the frame.  This will avoid an arc through the bearings and ruining the harden surface.

I totally agree with original post.

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