Couple questions from a newbie.

New to the forum here and theres a ton of great info on here! 

I live in Maine and haven't had a bike of any sort since I was in the HS...roughly 21 years ago. I am a middle school teacher and I have a few students who constantly are showing me pictures of bikes and sleds they have or want to buy and I got the itch to have something to tinker with in my garage. 

Contacted a guy who has a 1983 xl200r for sale for $225. Runs and goes but theres a few interesting things about this and I haven't been able to find a ton of info on this. Could be that its a rare thing or that Im just not searching for the info the most efficient way. 

Bike is 1983 xl200r, but has a 1982 atc185s running it.


Does this mean that the ATC is like an automatic transmission so I won't have to work the clutch or shift?

Will I have to shift gears but not clutch?

Could it be possible that the tranny is from the original 200 motor and the atc185s is connected to the original tranny. 

Its probably pretty obvious that I don't know much but I am excited and looking forward to tearing into something and tinkering / sharing with the boys in my class that don't want to talk about anything unless it has a motor. 

Also, I was wondering what the difference beween the XR200 and the xl200r is? Seems like lots of parts fit across different years. 

Thanks in advance. I will be able to post some pictures tomorrow night or the night after once I pick this bike up from the seller.



Basically the xl was street legal and the xr was off road. There are a bunch of little differences. The atc motor is the three wheeler version, all you need to do to the 185 is bore the cyl. For the 200 piston. 225 seems like a good price for a running bike.

The XL200R was an early dual sport based on a mix of two models; a XR200R chassis with a XL200 motor.

I don't know how close the suspension is to the XR200R and the engine has a lot less power than the XR200R; less compression, milder cam, smaller carb, and only 5 speeds.


The ATC185 engine is also a version of the Honda sub 250 2 valve motors with an even lower compression ratio, smaller carb, milder cam, 5 speed, pull rope starter and an auto clutch in addition to the regular clutch.

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