On any Sunday (Melbourne theatre) Brevard county!


 A co-worker at another campus forgot about me. Ya gotta act fast if you wanna see it locally!!



I failed to get this to you in more notice; my bad on that.  In short, go to this link and reserve yourself a ticket:





For WHAT??? Ok,


I was able to get an events company to show the UPDATED NEW version of the classic motorcycle movie “On Any Sunday” at the cinema in Viera (Carmike at the Avenues) on 12 March at 730pm.  One showing only.  HOWEVER, I have to have xx amount of pre-reserved tickets in order for the event to take place.


There is a movie trailer on the linked page, but in short, the same family that made the 1st one in 1971 (recall, cheesy music, had Steve McQueen racing motorcycles) has made an updated version with all the new racing, tons of bike personalities, etc.  They released the movie (called “On Any Sunday: the Next Chapter”) to only limited theaters; Melbourne didn’t make the cut.


I negotiated to promote the movie (unpaid volunteer gig) so I could bring it to a theater and watch it on the big screen on Thursday 12 March (during bike week, 2 days before the Daytona 200).


HOWEVER, DEADLINE FOR TICKETS IS TOMORROW:  they require xx pre-reserved tickets by 3 MARCH (that’s TOMORROW) so if any of you guys are interested, please buy a ticket or two or six.  Share with friends, bring your wife or girlfriend or both, whatever you’re into.  Give them out to your riding club, put them in your favorite strippers’ g-strings, again, your lifestyle, I’m not here to judge.


I passed flyers to the local bike shops (as you’ll see from the attached) but we’re still short.  If you’re interested, please get signed up ASAP.  If you bring a woman, I’ll buy y’all some popcorn.  If you bring an extra woman, I’ll buy her dinner.  I’m trying to get Carmike Cinema to allow us to bring in Beer and Pizza and for the Avenue to set aside special motorcycle parking for the event.  Possibly some shenanigans at the World of Beer after too.


Oh, and as “promoter and host” the events company requires me to give a 5-min presentation before the movie, so that’s worth the price of admission, watching me stumble through what will likely sound like a speech at alcoholics anonymous.  “Hi, I’m Jeff….”  Hi Jeff…


Hope to see you there.  Contact me with any questions.  Share with whomever you like, sorry for the late notice.  I may end up buying extra tix just to make the event happen, but anything you can do to help, please do.




Jeff Steele





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