TT Reviewed: Checkpoint Off-road Power Valve Cover for GasGas 2-strokes

So what is your opinion of the valve cover.  I am considering getting one for my GasGas and have no reviews of the product.  How is it working for you?  Is it working as described????  Please let me know, thanks.

Youll need to pm the reviewer. I just shared it. I had heard good things about it for a long time.. I didn't feel a great need to get it since the 300 ec has a lot of torque..but it's a great price to me considering what you get.


PART NO. 5011 

  1. Larger volume chamber makes more low to mid range power and better throttle response.
  2. Machined from solid billet aluminum to exacting tolerances.
  3. Drain screw allows for elimination of excess oil.

FITMENT: All GasGas 2-strokes.

PRICE: $84.00 



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