2006 to 2013 triple clamp swap

Is there a lot of work involved in swapping 2013 yz250f triple clamps to my 2006 yz250f? I am looking for a bargain set of 22mm offset clamps and think this might be the way to go. I did some research on this but I am confused by the steering stem issue. Am I right in thinking that the top clamps have different size holes for tht steering stem? Is there anything else that I am over looking? I know that fender mounting is different, but that's all I know of. Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you.

I just did this.  2012 clamps to 2008 yz250f.  The top clamp was machined by a machinist 2mm larger diameter.  The steering stem is a little longer on the newer clamps but it didn't cause any problems.

Yesterday I went to our clubs riding grounds.  I didn't get to do a lot of riding since I had the young kids with, but I did 3 laps on a 1.5 mile soft sand MX track and one lap on a 6 mile woods single track. 

I'm happy with the results.  I got my best time on the woods lap by 15 seconds (not earth shattering or scientifically conclusive).  I also didn't notice any instability on the sand track.  The offset doesn't seem to make it less stable, like raising the forks in the clamps.  The bike just seems to lean over faster with less input. 

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Thank you for your help. What was machined 2mm? Steering stem hole or fork tubes?

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