help a young buck with a carb



by the title you can guess I  need help.  Let me pitch you my issues.


I'm building a cr500af. Nearly done.  I've hit a road block though.  I have a mikuni carb - what model, I don't know.  I bought it brand new from a friend. was supposed to be for a cr125 or 250.  First thing I am missing is the small bronze colored piece that screws into the cap, so I don't know where/what model to buy that. Second thing, I bought a throttle cable from I can't recall whether I purchased the cable for a crf250r, which is the frame im using, or a cr500.  Inside the package was 2 cables. All 4 ends of the cables were the large barrels, like the part that goes into the throttle housing on the bars, not the small piece that goes into the carb.  As you're reading this, it probably sounds all jumbled and confusing, but im just so frustrated and its hard to explain over the internet the issues im having with this part of the bike. someone just please tell me how to do this the right way; which cable to buy and where to get parts for the carb. I can post a picture of the carb if that will help identify it.

You're right - it IS confusing.  I'm sure someone else will have some suggestions too but because you're mating throttle assy. to cable to carb that the bike may not have come with originally, you may not be able to buy any OEM.  Take a look at web site.  They have a lot of little bits and pieces for cables and really, you could connect anything to anything if you had to with their parts.

2 possible carbs more than likely, either the old TMX or the newer radial flatside TMX(Mikuni). Look up either a 2002 Honda CR250 carb or a 2007 CR125 carb,  both probably use the same piece. The cables either fit or they don't, worst case you order another for a CR500. As far as the carb, I don't know anybody that is using a Mikuni on there 500AF. May be a challenge to dial in, sort of interested in what you come up with. Motosport has OEM parts, as does RMATV, etc.

4 ends of the cable - It sounds like you bought a 4 stroke throttle cable for a 2 stroke carburetor.

4 ends of the cable - It sounds like you bought a 4 stroke throttle cable for a 2 stroke carburetor. 


Thanks for all of your help guys, but this may have been the most helpful haha. Whoops

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