KTM250 exc low on power in 1st and 2nd gear

I just finished a top end rebuild on my 2001 KTM250 exc. When it was apart I cleaned off the powervalves, they were very dirty. I also rebuilt the carb with a new seal, jets and float needle. I am using the stock jet numbers.  Before I took it apart, it would not hit the power band in 1st and 2nd but would hit in 3rd gear, 4th and 5th. Also on a cold start, or when it was running out of fuel it would rev up very high. I got around to starting the engine today using red line 2 stroke racing oil and 93 octane without ethanol at 32:1 ratio. When i first started it, it revved up just like before. After it warmed up and settled down I took it for a ride, it was still having the issue in the 1st and 2nd gear, it feels like it hits a certain point in the rpm band (around midrange) and the power cuts off. When I first filled it with gas, it was leaking out the overflow tube coming from the bottom of the carb, I tapped the carburetur with the end of a screwdriver and it stopped. After running I pulled the plug out and it was wet with fuel this leads me to think that the float may not be right, I will try to check that later today. Any ideas on what could be the cause of this?

Update: I checked the float level it was around 18mm which was a couple mm to high so I bent the tang up so now the fuel level should be 2 mm higher. I also found the reason for the high revving when starting was the screw that goes into the throttle control on the handle bars was turned out to far. I will try to test it out tomorrow and hopefully fixing the float level fixed the low power issue in first and second gear.

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