just picked up an 89 xt350 that needs love

hi all, as the title says, this thing needs love.. rear spokes are all loose, alot of fuel is coming outta the carb vent tube, chain is toast (rust seized links)  im probably gonna need some pointers on a few things like the rear spokes on how to properly tighten them (never have done it)


when i test rode it it fired right up, ran fine at first then started running really rich loading up sputtering and died and then fuel was all over the place coming outta the vent tube, has no filter on it so maybe either float level or some gunk keeping the float stuck?


this bike has been neglected so any other things to look for and how-to's? i saw the sticky but wondering if theres anything else like how to check oil level etc...

There are more comprehensive/detailed manuals , but that one has the essentials . ;)

so its been a while and totally forgot about this thread... whoops!!  heres an update anyhow,  this bike ended up being much more work than i wanted but did it anyways, found metal in the oil during an oil change and went to prime the filter using that little bleeder bolt and after a while no oil was coming out as well as no air bubbles, so i shut it down and tore off the side cover to see that almost all the teeth were stripped off the oil pump idler gear and the oil pump was jammed, tore off the top end just for fun and noticed the timing chain was so stretched that it wore a groove on the walls on the head from it slapping the sides, obviously metal was at least partially coming from that also the cylinder walls are a little scratched up and the 37.50mm piston looks bad..


after pricing what i was gonna have to do i was pretty bummed, especially since my budget on this thing was getting pretty small at this point.. i happened to find a parts bike nearby for a very good price and got it, happened to have a good running motor that i just put in and is still going strong, so now i have a parts motor and a good running motor for cheaper than it woulda been to fix the original one... so im happy but still well over budget..   i cant remember everything i did since there was alot of stupid bs things that the PO mustve done in the dark will hitting the pipe, i did replace the headlight, chain, front and rear tires and tubes, blinkers, taillight, grips, throttle cables, motor, liscense plate bracket, i did add led light bars, some cheapo knock off handguards, a homemade tool tube (carries tire tools cause i learned the hard way and almost killed myself riding on a flat tire lol) i also am in the process of replacing my own stupidity with logical thinking, thats a work in progress and on the backburner from what im told though so dont get your hopes up


heres what it looked like the day after i got it, this picture does not show a lot of the problems, i wanted a good solid reliable bike and this was far from it



did a little cleanup on the seat and side panels, cant tell by the pics but half of the rear spokes were seized up and all were loose





figured id protect the case from this mini bike 428 chain till i get the 520 conversion done



little ride last weekend in the nearby hills







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