'11 YZF250

Decent woods bike? How is the turning and hot starting after a fall?

I have rode a 05 yz250f and currently ride a 13 wr250f. The yz would be a good woods bike, but you'd probably have to set up the suspension, and maybe mess with the gearing. They start fine after a fall. Would it be for just trail or track as well?

Woods only. Thanks.

Woods only. Thanks.


I ride my 07 strictly in the woods - handles great. Just throw some bark busters on, skid plate and a good set of radiator guards and you're pretty set. Some people get a flywheel weight, but I don't use one. Suspension is key, get it set for your weight/style and you'll notice a big difference. Starts up great after an off, never had any real issues once she was properly jetted.

It's a good bike Georgey. Handles well, awesome torque, stays nice and cool. Transmission feels like a YZ 250 meaning 1st is tall and 5th is short. They don't rev out very much but have amazing torque to get the front wheel off the ground in any gear. Ours started no more then 2 kicks when hot too.

  I've owned a yz400f, 426f, 03 450f, 06 450f, and 08 yz450f. I now own a 2012 yz250f and I love it almost as much as my wife and kids. It corners and handles way better for me than any of my previous yzf's.  I'm kinda heavier right now (255lbs) and I intend to lose a few when I got this bike but It has plenty of power to pull me around.  My bike is mostly stock, heavier springs for my weight, enduro engineering hand guards, ebc oversize front disk brake, and a cycra off road skid plate. I'm amazed at how much low end power this bike has. I love this bike !!!

Thanks guys! :thumbsup:

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