Ha?! Got a 1974 Suzuki TS125 for about free

...and IT RUNS!


Guys wasnt using it and was willing to trade for RC plane stuff.

Gave him three old planes I have not flown in years and he gave me the bike.

Funny little thing it is.  All air cooled two-stroke--> STREET LEGAL.


My 14 year old boy will take it all apart, sand blast, clean, paint and reassemble.

He will be ready to ride in style to highschool in a year or two.


I'm sure we can sneak around the country roads for a ride here and there.


I have been having fun rebuildiing an old '86 XT600 I got for free.  So, figured get him one of his own to wrench on.




Will post pics if anybody is interested.

Not sure if it should be in Vintage section or Suzuki 2stroke or Daul SPort.


Just jacked at no $ outlay for a running bike.

Had to take it around the neighborhood.




A really great find.  I have a street legal 185 which is basically the same bike with a larger engine.  Fairly easy to find parts, and they are tough as nails.  For a really helpful forum go to suzukits.com.  Or it may be <suzukitsinforme.com>

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SO here are a couple pics of it.






I'll make a new, general thread that rust.

We will take it all apart and sand blast and paint all the metal stuff, but what about the chrome parts that have rust on/in them.


Score! Looks pretty clean...check exhaust under skid plate. those were notorious for rotting out there. S.O.S pads work pretty good on chrome rust then scotchbrite pads. I have a 78 Suzuki 185...love it!  great bikes all of them. Just sold a '72 TS250, and I'm regretting it...But  got my eye on a cherry '78 250 with 1200mi. Hopefully the owner will let her go for less than a grand.  You and your boy will have fun with that one...good luck!                                                                                                                                                                                                Charley. 

This one has 2200 miles on it.

Seems a low miles, but cant imagine taking it on a very long trip ?!  :)


I just steel wool'd one side of the back rim.  Came out pretty good...better than I thought it would.

But that was easiest chrome to shine, the rest are hard little parts.


Like said, road it around the block and through conservation road-->BBRRRrrrr, 22degrees out.

Ran alright, but weak (of course it is Coo!).  SMoked pretty good.  Sure jetting isnt spot on for cold air like that -rolleyes-


Just looking it over now as I got it 24 hours ago.

Air box foam filter was TOTALLY disinegrated....guessing 1/3 gone and rest=DUST.

Cant imagine how it did run pulling that stuff into carb?!??!!!

Will clean carb (like 2 minutes to get it off and onto the bench :)  )  Dirty car doesnt make it run rich though.

Crank seal does.....  Can I get to them from the outside?


So funny that the carb just flows into the cylinder....no reeds or rotary valve or anything?!


Only headlight works.  But thinking if there was a battery in there maybe all the other lights will work?  Need a tiny lil 6v....put it on the list.


SO TEMPTED to just take the whole thing apart to the frame.

But the kid would kill me if I did that right now (cant imagine it would take more than an hour or two.  scratch that, there are some rusted bolts and they might need some time & effort).  But, the thing starts and idles and runs as is right now.  Should ride it a bit before taking it all apart.





Look it up on RockyMountain to see if air filter is available (while I eat pizza).

No such bike?

No 1974 TS125.


The little book that came with it says TS125

The frame says TS125 95769

stamped 7 of 74


RMATV doesnt show that machine.  There are TC125 A J B.  TS80 and TS100 and TS200 and many other bikes to choose from.....but no TS125 (closest is TS100 and/or TS200)

Maybe it is late 74 so they called it 1975?

Nope, none there in that year either.


Air filter looks a bit different than on the microphise too



If you want to know about this bike, and where to get parts, go to the forum I mentioned above.  There are guys there from "down under" (south of the equator) who are almost walking encyclopedias on these old Suzukis.  It is a world wide forum, and these bikes are still popular and sources of transportation in some countries.  The best place to find parts in the USA is on ebay.  and I have got some 6 volt electrical parts from England.  I have 2, 74 TS 185 parts bikes, and they are almost identical except for the engines and exhaust.  If I have a part you can use, and you will pay the shipping, will sell it for 1/2 what you would have to pay elsewhere.  I think I have a pair of chrome head light brackets in good condition.  Looks like you need a couple.  After seeing the picts, you got a REALLY GOOD DEAL!  By the way----I need a gas cap for a 77 TS 185 tank.  It doesn't need to be perfect, and I would rather not have to pay $36 on ebay.  Got one to trade?

Thanks WTG.


I will indeed surf that site to find out more about this bike.

I havbe no extra parts for it. 

Just fixed the tank cap.  It had no pin to latch onto.  Cut a nail to size and glued it in there :)


Tonight we take it apart.

Was going to sand blast those headlight/turn signal brackets and paint them as no way that rust will be coming off.

But if indeed you would be willing to part with a cleaner pair, I'd take you up on that.


Thanks a ton


Looks good!  Keep us posted.

I don't have the parts bikes at my house, but will go to the shop this weekend and see what condition those brackets are in.  I remember one pair being painted, and the other being chrome. 


Ha, I had to do the same with my gas cap.  A set of stainless pins on ebay are $25.


I have a couple pictures of the front blinker mount panels on the other thread I started about "how to get rust off".

Yes, I'd buy yours off you if in better shape than mine.....cant imagine they are in worse shape.


So.  Me and the kid started wrenching on it last night.  Got it about 2/3rds the way apart....all the way up to the handel bar area.  We started at the back of the bike.

I can't believe how luck we got with this one:  EVERY NUT & BOLT (so far) has come off with out an issue.  Most are rusted and crud covered, but no need to vice grip or cut-off wheel anything yet?!  I often look at a rusty couple and think "this isn't going to go well".  The exhasut flange buts for example.  Sure enough, twist right off?!:



I'm thinking everything is still factory tourque tight.  Seems most fastners have never been off.


So, that is cool.


Instead of taking it apart this eve, I'll put back together some of my86 XT600.  Got the carb gang back from buddy who dunked and cleaned it.

Hope that thing fires right up after it's ten year rest.

You really did get a good deal on the 125.  I'll be going to my shop tomorrow and check on the brackets.  Will take picts and send if I can manuver that procedure.

I completely redid a 72 TC125 and if I am right the only difference between the two is of course the transmission and the front and rear fenders(chrome on the TC)   When you look on places like partzilla at TC's you can use that for a lot of reference.  It is odd they don't have TS's? 74 is the L model year.  From the factory the tires were different also.    As someone said earlier great little bikes.   Good luck

Thanks LaneWayne.


Is that the general diff, TS was road legal and TC was dirt only?


Any experts here please advise:  I was reading threads on these bikes.  Seems not uncommon for a crank seal to be need replacing on a bike 40 years old.  Did I read, can change one of them from the outside?  Right or left?  I'd buy it and do it as long as I have the motor on the bench. 

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Any experts here please advise:  I was reading threads on these bikes.  Seems not uncommon for a crank seal to be need replacing on a bike 40 years old.  Did I read, can change one of them from the outside?  Right or left?  I'd buy it and do it as long as I have the motor on the bench. 


Some can be done without splitting the cases, you will just have to remove the flywheel (left side crank) and the clutch/primary gears (right side crank) to see if they can be removed externally.  Here is a video and pictures of how to do it and the required tools.  Not all bikes will allow you to do it this way.


2 stroke crankshaft seal replacement without splitting cases.

I don't know about the 125, but you have to split the cases on a 185 to replace the right side seal.  Unless you know someone has replaced them recently, I would do it while you have the engine out.  Might save a lot of work later.  One symptom of bad seals is the inability to get the engine to idle slow when you know there are no other vaccum leaks.  And, if it is like the 185, the one on the right side will suck the oil out of your transmission, and make the engine smoke like crazy when running.

I have 2 sets of headlight brackets.  One chrome, and one painted.  I will try to attach 3 photos of each.  They aren't perfect.  The chrome ones have some pits and scratches, and someone buffed one of them with a coarse buffer and dulled the shine.  And they are somewhat rusty on the back side.   The painted one's are a little cleaner, but one has some scratches, and someone put an inspection sticker on one. I may not be able to get all six picts on one post.  If not, will make more posts.  Let me know if you are interested.







Hey Weez, getting back to you.

Those look 97.4% better than mine.

I would buy the chrome ones off you, if you would.


We have the whole bike apart.  All but some of the controls and what not.

Will drop off the frame, swing arm, exhaust, skid plate and rear fender to be sand blasted and painted.


I'll electrolysis rust remove the small parts (works great) and rattle can spray them.


It was smoking pretty good when we ran it around the block.

Like you say, should split it and new seals while the whole thing is apart.

I have never done that.  It really is something the average good garage mechanic can do, yes? 

I had the local pro shop do my KX250.  It smoked pretty good and could not jet it to idle at all.  Runs proper now.

Tempted to bring this little motor to him too.


But I should be able to do it.  Yea?  Hate to muck something up.

But new crank seals and piston (as long as in there) should be mint!  Rule of thumb is to replace every 2t piston when you buy a used bike.


Hate to put it all back together all nice and painted and have it run like crap.


I'm convinced this bike has never come apart....like at all.  Everything is factory set and perfect condition.

I did loose one of the lower ball bearings from the triple clamp tho :(  Didnt excpect them to be all loose in there like that.


Fun wrenching on such a simple little machine. 



Ordered crank seals.

They are two differnt ones.

A buddy has a case splitting tool and gear pullers and said he would help for beer (he is same guy that will re-lace the back wheel off the old 1986 XT600), so that is cool.

Will of coarse have to order a piston.  But I have learned to not order a piston until take the head/cylinder off and physically see what number is on it.


Frame and all is being sand blasted and primed now.

You can have the headlight brackets for $20 plus shipping.  I will check tomorrow to see how much it would cost.  We can make arrangements by personal message.   Also, if your bike has only 2200 miles on it, and was well maintained, you probably will not need a new piston.

Thanks Weez


Good to know about the piston.  On MX bikes we replace them every year.


Then again, my 2000 sled has just shy of 10,000 miles and factory pistons (2). 

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