2015 300xcw vs 2016 300xcw!?!

So I'm stuck in abit of a dilemma, the riding season is coming and I've really wanted to move to the 2 stroke world. Currently on a 2010 450 exc, looking at the 300 xcw. Unfortunately my local dealer has sold out of the 300's and says he may be able to track down a ride but it could be a hit or miss. so do I get the dealer to try to find me one or wait till the release of the 2016's arrive? Unfortunately selling the 450 will be part of the deal :(.. Anyone know the general release date of 16's?

The same time as new bikes always get pushed...(August/September)  You already know what the new chassis is going to be (unless you're blind/live under a rock), although the new chassis might not get pushed to the XCW line until 2017, seeing as they've been behind a year for a long time now.  The motor should be the same, and should come equipped with either the tried and true open chamber or 4CS. (open chamber ideally)  Honestly I don't think the XCW line is going to get hardly any changes for 2016, I wouldn't be surprised if its a true BNG year, seeing as such radical changes are getting pushed to the SX and assuming so, the XC line as well.  I wouldn't hesitate on a 2015 300XCW over waiting if you can find one.  Should be relatively good deals on them too.

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Don't plan on any big good deals until fall.  Why would they give a good deal on a bike they sell out of early...in the fall KTM will offer rebates to the dealers for any left over models but not this early.  Now if you found a 14 you would get a deal?

The only 14s I've found are new/used with about 20 hours, and are about 8500 cdn, that's a little much for my liking. Not to mention the same dealer has the 300 xcw in stock, are another 500 bucks than the dealer I would rather go to... Not sure why this is other than there money hungry. Funny thing is I asked why there more expensive.. They tried to tell me the other guys were selling there bikes at cost because they weren't doing well... I laughed, they didn't even bother to compete with there price. Last time I checked, selling all the bikes you have when there's still 4 feet of snow out, is far from not doing well!!

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