87 xr600 carb problems help please

Hey guys just thought id try this before sending to a mechanic.I have 2 87 xr600s with the dual carb setups and i am having problems with both of them.the problem is that at times it seems like the bike wants two snap your your head off and at other times it seems like they couldnt even get out of there own way.I have had the carbs off numerus times cleaning and adjusting too honda specs and it just doesnt seem to make a difference.the bikes are stock no mods and the only way i have found to get them to run right is by tapping on the side of the float bowls.I have good spark and filters are clean gas is abundent to the carbs anyway

does anyone have any suggestions.These bikes haul but when running good i have a 92 600 and it cant even come close to the kind of power the dual carb 87 puts out. :)

If youre having problems with the floats sticking, try replacing the float needles.

i replaced them on one of the bikes carbs and it still did didnt help i dont think that was the problem.

Have you ruled out electronic problems. I had a street bike that would run funny sometimes. The problem was a corroded wiring connection. Good Luck. Lance

I ran into a simmilar situation on one of these. Bike would run great one moment and the next act way rich. Turned out to be the CDI box.

I suppose ill tri a new cdi box im out of patience with these things.Would any of ya know what an 87xr600 is worth in good shape i was thinking around 1,200 bucks but maybe thats high considering i paid 1,500 7 years ago.

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