RV in GPs..in it to win it?

Dont look like it.

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I think he is but his knee won't let him do it........

if the OP can predict the whole season on 1 race(with a demonstrated history of slow starts) then please predict the powerball numbers for me in a private message.

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It's more typical unmerited hate for the US is all, whether RV wins or not.

Dont look like it.

I disagree. I think Poto rode his ass off. Coming back from a dead last start and a crash I think he did well. He is a bad ass, that's all there is to it ! :thumbsup:  A guy like him isn't going to "phone it in" on a world stage.

It's more typical unmerited hate for the US is all, whether RV wins or not.

Don't confuse the hate of America, for hate of Americans.... Lots of nice people in a really F'd up country.  :ride:

(Don't mind the attempt at thread drift... this one isn't worth it)

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Dont look like it.


How funny, I used a Rocky analogy with RV in another post.


I think the dude went into it for the wrong reasons but his pride will kick in after not doing as well as he had hoped.  No idea how much it will help but I don't expect to see him lounging around the top 10 for long.

I said he was testing on the wrong tracks

I recon he will still mix it up front with them eventually, it will be interesting to see who can win the championship tho

I recon what he has done is absolutely awesome for the sport, it's definitely the most exciting mxgp series I've been keen to watch

Hate USA?..Im gunnin for the guy..But when a guy calls it quits in his home country cause of injuries.. and after watching a moto show on the guy looked like he had allot family issues and was burnt out..Now hes in a strange land?.Those euro's are flying..He is a badass..I just hope he is hungry for it and not just riding out his contract and taking the wife on a world tour..But if he is?..all the power to him,he deserves it..Will he be hungry llike Donny Shmitt? and the 3 others..cause that is what its gonna take

He rode his ass off in Qatar. Just wasn't good enough for a win. However that doesn't mean it's over for him. I believe he'll be a contender but dominate like many here thought? Nope. It'll probably be a good season between him and Cairoli. And a few other guys too. :D

He was pissed in his interviews , so that is a good thing , means he actually wants it.

This is far from over RV2 will get there

RV is a champion. He'll give it his all, win or lose. We'll see if he can figure it out before it's too late in the championship. If not, then I wouldn't count him out of postponing his retirement another year. Especially if he starts to come on strong at the end of the series.

I think he will improve a lot this weekend ,it takes time and he should have raced the pre season openers

Has everyone forgot that was his first race since a total knee rebuild. I would not be surprised to see the euros try more take outs on RV for a few more races and he will be lookin over his shoulder. I think he went to win like OP said he usually gets stronger as the season goes on. A win over the euros would look good on a resume. If he does win in europe he ll be at A1 next year. Then we ll find out how strong his back is cuz he ll be carrying a big sack of cash lol

if the OP can predict the whole season on 1 race(with a demonstrated history of slow starts) then please predict the powerball numbers for me in a private message.


Private message?  Don't be selfish! 


And, I expect that after you win you will still be in for work on Monday morning.   :p

Why would they try 'take outs' when they'll just do what they did this weekend and try straight up beat him.


They will try and take him out to make him nervous and get in his head a bit, if he starts getting wholeshots and getting his speed back it will be game over


Remember back a few years ago he beet them all on a 250f at the des nations

He could improve a little each weekend but as far back as he was it will be mid season before he is a threat to win.  championship will be over for him by then

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