At-81 rear tire? Opinions please

I just bought a new At-81 desert rc rear tire for rocky woods riding. I have a 2006 yz250 and read that these tires have stiff sidewalls and last long. Does anybody have experience with them and know how they perform? Please let me know what you think.

I never tried the desert rc, but I did run the regular AT-81 and thought it was decent for a general use tire with good life.  Not gonna work too well in mud, but for dry and rocky it works well.  I see you're from Jersey, if you ride down south where it's sandy you probably won't like it too much.

The regular at81 works real good here too,  ran the smallest size 1st (250f), then 2 of the middle size. Recommend the middle size.Like any tire with wide knob spacing they round off quick, turn them around, then replace. Great traction on rocks and roots for a knob because of the 2 ply sidewall,    For sand or mud I'd be looking for something else that has a center bar or double knob pattern.

I run the 81 desert rc best tire ever I run them on a wr450 and a cr500 they last forever good traction very predictable

Thanks for your input guys. In Northern NJ where I'm from its pretty much nothing but rocks. There are a few sand pits but I tend to stay in the woods. From what I here it doesn't sound too ideal but it sounds like it can last long and work good enough. When I finally ride on it I will let you know what I think. It is a 19inch tire. Im planning after this too switch rims and go to an 18 inch trials tire or maybe try a 19 inch vee rubber trials tire.

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