2003 CR250 Pivot Works Shock rebuild kit

Has anyone ever purchased this kit to rebuild their rear shock? I've never had any issues with Pivot Works, but the lack of instructions and difference in seal head design for OEM is making me a little bit uncomfortable. 


The Pivot Works seal head on the top of the picture doesn't include the metal washer where the spring should fit on to. Should I take it off the OEM one? It's hard to comprehend why they would include a complete seal head but leave out this one washer and force you to take it out of the OEM seal head.

20150227_234215 1.jpg



The wall of the seal head is different versus stock (shown below this image). Is this normal?







This is a better image of the washer underneath the seal. It's no problem to pop it out and put it into the Pivot Works seal head, I just want to make sure that's what I need to do.. again, there's literally no instructions. :banghead:  Thanks for the help!


No one huh? Maybe I'll try in the suspension forum...

I did purchase the kit for my 03, but passed it on to my suspension guy just last week to do a rebuild/revalve (http://www.evoind.com/) Call the guy in Texas (Galvan) he is a great guy and will surely help you.

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When you can, buy OEM seal heads. They have tighter tolerances for the bushing to shock shaft. The OEM seals are (usually) of a better quality compared to aftermarket. No worries though, your shock will work fine either way. It may last a little longer with the OEM parts.

Pivot works doesn't take any liberties with design changes that I am aware of. Therefore, I would use the old part as it isn't a wear item. I would call them though.

i have found the general quality of all Pivot Works stuff to be much lower quality than oem. it appears to have gotten worse in the last few years. seals are garbage IMO.

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