Buying a torque wrench

Looking at buying a torque wrench to put top end back together. Understand the importance of quality but also amount of use any tips would be appreciated on size and use thanks.

I bought a Craftsman torque wrench with a pointer - the way they all used to be back when I learned to be a mechanic.  It's easy to make sure that it's working right and it's generally close enough.  It also lets to see the torque required to remove bolts.

Remember that using adapters for different size drives will affect the accuracy of the wrench. I used to have all three sizes, but someone borrowed my 3/8" and I haven't seen it since, but keeping a 1/4" and 1/2" drive torque wrench has seemed to work just fine for most of the work I do. It's important to own both a wrench for inch-pounds as well as one that measures in foot-pounds. have a good range of torque wrenches you need at least 3...I have 4 Snap-On and a Husky...


you should have an inch pound torque wrench for most bolts on the engine.. 40-200 inch pounds..


You need a lower range ft/lb torque wrench for head bolts.etc..  5-75 ft/lbs


Most torque wrenches are not accurate at the lowest or highest settings either...


I had to have all these torque wrenches for my choice in that matter...


but you can get pro quality cheap if you want...I paid 400 bucks or so each for mine...but you can go on ebay,,buy a used Snap-On torque wrench CHEAP..sellers sell cheap because they are too lazy to get them can have it calibrated locally,,usually about 50 bucks to calibrate and then you know what you have..






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Thanks guys I thought I might be able to get away with the one but may have to get one for the smaller stuff.

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