PW50 Clutch Question

Will a PW50 clutch start to slip if it is ridden for long periods of time at low speeds/ small throttle openings? Kind of like constantly slipping the clutch on a big bike? My kid was putting around the property this weekend and after 20 minutes or so the bike sounded kind of weird and  he was having a hard time getting up small inclines. We let it cool down and he rode it again later in the day and after a bit the same thing happened?The clutch area seemed hot. I parked it at the end of the day after it cooled down again and rode it into the garage w/o issue and I am 200lbs.  Is this an issue with these bikes, a worn out clutch or does they boy have to get on the gas a bit more? 

check the oil, and when was the last oil change?


and its possible you need to replace the clutch.

There is a site called it has lots of technical information. The QT 50 and PW 50 engines are basically the same aside from a lighting coil and lower gearing. 

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