Should I buy a 2007 kx250? Is it a reliable trail bike?

I'm looking at a 07 kx250f for 2200 and not sure if it is reliable it has 80hrs on the bike and had a new piston a year and a half ago. He said he trail rides and I do the same would it be better and cost less(maintenance wise) than a 07 crf250? Thanks guys

I had an 06 and it was a great bike. My dad is still racing it to this day. Couple topends, one valve job but no crank in 100s of hours. I think we just got lucky

I have an 08, great bike. I'd say 2200 is a but on the high side, but if you could get him down to 2000 or lower and the bike looks clean id go for jf

What's the regular maintenance? Like valve wise for trail riding

If you're not in the rpms a lot I just check mine every six months, and you could prob go longer

Honestly it's super simple and checking takes no more 30 minutes

According to the thread topic, he is asking questions about a kx 250, not a kx250f. 


If that is the case, then checking valves is a non issue. 



After looking at his first post (which contradicts the thread title) he is refering to a 250f.


Carry on.

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Are you asking about a KX250, or a KX250F?


Neither of them makes a particularly good trail bike without some mods. They both have very aggressive power curves and stiff MX suspension that will beat the crap out of you in the woods, and the 250F is LOUD with the stock silencer.


For 2007, The KX250 is very reliable, the 250F somewhat less so.

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