DR200SE, new to me

I just picked up a 2001, stunning clean.  Which sites (besides this one!) should I visit for must-do mods and such?  I live in suburbia, will ride to tracks and do beginner-intermediate stuff.  Thanks!

along with thumpertalk, advrider.com is a good one

Check out Kientech.com too, Jesse has a few mods for the DR200SE.

Thanks gents! Have spent the time since my first post cleaning the chain and teaching the gf to ride. She just passed MSF, so now it's off to get a plate. It looks like she has co-opted that bike (I'm on a V-Strom) so mods will now be on her schedule. Maybe I'll install the jet kit without telling her, just to hear her screams through the intercom... :foul:

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