TPS? with PWK swap 06 cr250r


I have an 06 cr250r 

39mm PWK without the TPS


I'm wondering what negative issues I may have by not running the TPS?


given the RC valve and its magical operating system...  I'm just saying I don't know enough about the electronics of this bike.. it is the 6th cr I've owned and Im still learning about it.


Thanks and this is my first post... so i dont even know if this is the correct place to ask?   

TPS talks to the ECU to change ignition mapping/ timing advance curves

Copy that Kah Ran Nee and thanks for the reply.


Do you think I am missing out on some usable power by not having a TPS?


And is it possible to reprogram the mapping to account for the missing tps? or would I even need to...? The bike rips even tho I am way off my jetting at the moment.


Thanks again

You can't use TPS on that old of a motor and ecu.

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I kinda thought 06 was tps , their is a member here that makes wiring harness adaptor harness for the pwk swap guys in the honda 2stroke form. Some of those guys are running  Yamaha yz250 carbs with tps and or powerjets some are blocking off the powerjet if I remember right .

I have ran non tps carbs on Honda bikes that originally come tps equipt- no noticeable problems

Yeah not a noticeable difference if you are running the TPS or not. It will work just like any of your prior CR's that didn't have a TPS. Get your jetting sorted out & rip it!

It will run better, much better, if it is supposed to have TPS, and you calibrate it per the manual.

the guy's name on here that makes them harnesses  and has a big thread about cr carb swapping is   hondamxracer

Jo552, don't worry about the TPS on your cr250 2stroke. It doesn't NOT make a difference that you can feel or notice in ANY way. I've built & modified numerous CR's including the latest models with the TPS. They are still in my circle of riding friends & are working flawlessly. Running the stock carb with the TPS unplugged or plugged in make absolute ZERO difference in the power output.. .ZERO. Get your carburetor tuned & enjoy the bike.

The minor different the TPS adjusts the timing at different throttle openings is minimal. At wide open throttle, the timing is exactly the same whether the TPS is plugged in or not.

The 04-07 Cr250r's came equipped with a oem mikuni carb that has TPS.  As KPRacing mentioned it really doesn't affect it that much whether it's plugged or unplugged.  I've owned & ridden 05-07's & tried it myself & couldn't notice much of a difference either way.  The members that claim to tell a difference I believe it's more in their head (psychological) than an actual performance difference.      

I ran a 97cr250 powerjet and tps 38 airstryker / ignition etc on my cr5 conversion and could not tell any difference tps hooked or unhooked, eventualy I swaped out that tps carb for a screw top 39.5 and the old system don't miss that tps carb at ll

Well put H4L

I own a 06cr-250 with Reynard mods porting . Super fast but the jetting is very fickle to temp change. Changing needle clip positions and needles all the time to keep it perfect . If I could try the yz tps  carb before I invest in pwk air stryker that would  wipe out any doubts You can get a used yz carb used with minimal investment  Hondamxracer seems to know quite a lot about this since he knows how to make the harnesses to make it work  please reply back hondamxracer thanks

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