Helmet comparison

Does anyone have experience with JustOne, Suomy or the Scorpion helmets?  Quality, fit, safety?  Looking for a new lid...

Not a big fan of the Airho.  No other reason than they look goofy imo.  I know that's a lame comment but...



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I can't comment on any you listed above. But, I wore a Shoei VFX-W last year and it was pretty good. Fit was good, not great. I took a hard hit and messed up the top visor screw. It pushed down into the helmet. So, I ended up getting a Fly F2 carbon on sale for $160. I am SO happy with this helmet. Fit and comfort is way better than my Shoei and any other helmet I have tried on. I also bought a Bell moto 9 and sold it because it fit weird. Definitely look into the Fly F2 carbon. It's a great helmet at an even better price. 

I have a Suomy MX Jump helmet and like it a lot.  It's light, comfortable, and the liner is easy to remove and install so you can wash it and keep it smelling fresh.  Several of my friends wear them as well.  I think it hits the sweet spot of premium features without costing $500+ like a Shoei or Arai.  But keep in mind that each manufacturer has their own idea on head shapes.  What fits well on my head and is comfortable might not work for you and vice versa.  If you can go to a store that has several brands, try them all on and see what you like best.  A good example for me are Bell helmets.  Lots of people love them, but they just don't fit my head right and I get pressure points that are uncomfortable.  I had the opportunity to get a Bell Moto 9 for $150 through a friend who worked for them, but I still chose to spend $300+ on the Suomy.

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