crf 250r 2012 stator cable coupling? special tool needed?

Im having some real problems loosing the cable coupling from the stator running to the whole wire system..

of courseni can break it and get it loose..

But it seems to be impossible to get it off.. there is 2 hooks on the size that is just solid and one in the middle which is bendable.. but how do ibgetbit all off??

Tried searching google for 3 hours.. no result on a diy o whatever..

I really need some help.. cause im going mental

These are very easy to get apart once you know how they work. On the white connecter just push the tab in the direction of the arrow. You may need a small screwdriver to help push it out. I can usually just get it with my finger nail.



But what about the 2 hooks on the side??

Are they just for looks?

The side ones are not hooks. They do nothing.


well im impressed how unlogic they are then..

Thanks.. im trying this tonight:)

They may be sub-connection hooks of some sort, but they're not the primary hook for the connection you're trying to release.

Edited by Eddie8v

Ok so pry the clip away from centre of connection or towards..

I guess, away?

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