Yamaha Yellow Black throwback graphics & plastic



I was at the Supercross race in ATL this past weekend and came across this throwback paint scheme on a Yamaha.


I NEED THIS BADLY! :jawdrop:  :jawdrop:


Anyone know where I can find yellow/black plastic and graphics for a 250?




To the OP, any custom graphic company will hook you up. Decal works, MGX, Armored, 180 decals, 139 Designs, etc

Buy an '06?

One industries did this back in 98' too.  I have an original "bumble bee" Yamaha






Found this year's setup here:



kind of expensive ($397), especially when you add in a seat cover, but looks great.

Excellent find Enterprise, thanks. I live a few minutes from JGR's shop, I'll pop in and ask them too.


CGI, I will check those companies too, thanks for the help.


Boxcar....deez nuuz.


Love it Malcom, is that an '06?

Love it Malcom, is that an '06?

Thats a 14/15 pipe wraps around the head

Thanks, love the white and Red Flu kit.

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