How to re-wind 1990 xr250r stator for more power.

So I am converting my bike over to a dc system and putting a battery in it. the stock stator will work just fine but I just wanted more power because im planning on putting some more lights on it and a horn, turn signals, a phone charger and maby some sort of gps. How would i "re-wind" my stator to get more power if that evan is possable?, thanks :)

Your stator, like most xrs, probably only has 3 or 4 of the available poles wound for lighting. Leaving 4-6 poles bare. Stripping off all the old magnet wire and winding all the poles with new magnet wire is what you need to do.

Search Youtube for tutorials. You don't touch the 2 ignition poles.

If you switch to LED lighting, you may have enough power for everything.


You could also get an XR250L three phase stator, possibly the flywheel, and five wire reg/rec for up to 200 watts.  


Or call Ricky Stator.


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