Cannot Kick 04 CRF250

Bike will push start and runs fine but it's impossible to kick. With a push start, the bike runs and rides like normal. No clutch issues or shifting issues. I can force the kick starter down but it's a strain. I've pulled the outer case and the starter setup is correct. When I pull the clutch and basket the kicker is easily moved, but with the clutch assembly in place the problem comes back. I picked this bike up cheap as a project but I'm at a loss really as to what's going on. I will rebuild the entire bottom end if I have to but I dont want to miss something simple just because I'm not looking in the right place. Any advice is appreciated.



Having a tough time with mine as well. 


However with all the people I spoke to i found out that your best bet is to start with a carb clean.


Clean well with carb cleaner and make sure to call your local dealer to have them order a new o ring set for it, you need to make sure they're no air leaks. 


If you have time while your bikes already apart, check valve clearance and buy yourself a shim kit for around $70-90 and feeler gauge. A lot of youtube videos can help explain how you find the right shim with giving you formulas etc... 


Hope this helps . 

If you cant kick it through on the kickstart somethings is really wrong. Either the kicker is binding somewhere, or you have a main bearing or conrod bearing that is seizing up. I would remove the kickstart idler gear and then try and turn the engine over to see if it frees up.

I wonder if he figured this out....six months ago...

Why the hell do newbies keep reviving these old posts......

Check the valves. My friend had the same problem or sounds like it. Hope this helps!

Same problem with mine valves were shot wouldnt hold compression

Could be the decompression rod aswelll

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