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why is my kx puking coolant

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alright guys i need some help, i just did a top end job on my 90 kx250 and everything was going smooth and all till she fired... i mean she fired 1st kick and i was like aw yeahhhhhh  :ride:  and then i saw something hitting the ground :jawdrop: turns out it was some awkward white colored fluid that was coming out of the overfill hose(it wasnt overfilled for the record) at the time it was 26 degrees outside so i wasnt sure if that was a factor or not. so while its running the rpms jump like the throttle is being twisted (not sure if thats due to temps outside and carb not tuned for it) so i wait for it to be warmer outside (yesterday was 46 or some sh!t) so i flush the radiators with the hose while the 2 coolant drain plugs are out, which nothing funky came out went from green to clear in a quick second.. i was thinking maybe water pump malfunctioning but at the same time i have no idea and know it could be small or big and have a few variable factors to create this issue. could something be blocking a inlet or port? has anyone had this issue??? 


or could there be a thermostat issue?


Thanks in advance for you guys' help

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