Best seats for Daytona


Anyone have a suggestion on where the best seats are at Daytona.

Right here.



In the middle row 20, anything lower and you can't see enough of the action.

Best seats? The laps of the Monster Energy Girls. If you have to ask the price....

Right here.




You must be old and married. I can think of a better seat....




I am old and married. 

I think you want to as close to the middle as you can get. The long narrow lay out is much harder too see than a normal sx.

Pay the little bit extra to get the seat down by the track/closer  - there is a chain link fence that separates the top from the bottom.  You are basically standing on the paved race track or sitting on the smaller bleachers.  So if lots of folks in your group,  or little kids - might be a pain.


Sitting right in the middle - plan to stand up the whole time too.  I went for over near and end - to the right side looking down.


IF you can move around - there really are no bad seats at Daytona.  I saw many covers right up close staying up near the chain link fences,  I was there by myself (total fluke as i was driving by for work) and ended sitting/standing all over the place - booth ends - the middle, up high etc.  All the seat were pretty damn good since you are really only one the one side of the track anyway and the jumbo torn is really good.  really good since there is no smoke in the air like the stadiums.  but lower was better!!


Have fun!  it is friggin amazing!

sorry for typos - damn - iPhone!  have fun braaaaaaap

Thanks guys

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