1993 XR60L wont start with out cpmression starting

Hi fellow one lungers,

        I'm new to the forum thing so here goes. I have a 1993 Honda Xr650l that has a 664 big bore kit. I bought the bike here in Washington, and had to rebuild after flattening the cam and couple rocker arms. I moved to Utah where the bike sat in a garage till the build was complete. Now has a 664 big bore and all stock cam and rocker arms. I rode it for 500 hundred miles or so and did a valve adjustment to check clearance, and everything was in spec, in witch I put a few more miles on before retuning to Washington. since my arrival back I have made it on one ride, 70 miles. it was mostly freeway and hwy mile since I was riding with my friend on their street bike. THIS IS WHERE THINGS GOT INTERESTING. The bike started to not want to idle, it would just putter out and die when you would come to a stop. It is even harder to start, to the point where the battery would die trying. I've cleaned the carb, with no luck. I've heard that if the valves are to tight it might give this type of problem??? Any advice would be appreciated. And sorry for the lengthy story





Valve clearances that are too tight can cause this.but they`d have to be tight to the point that they actually hold the valve or valves open,,,,,,,so check clearances first.......


If you don`t see an issue there.....then do a leakdown or compression test before going any further...


Did you verify oil flow at the banjo fitting at the clutch cover.....crack it loose and see if you have good oil flow when running..


Let us know what you find..



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