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Thumbs up to this guy

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I usually check out peoples sigs and usually blow off when a website is involved. But my curosity got the better of me on this one.




Turns out, this young fella is pretty badass. Check him out. Definitely a great contributor to the Green bikes and the 2 strokes.


Now, Malcolm, update your site. LOLOL. Keep us updated on your 2015 results. Oh, and get a gopro mounted so we can ride along with you.





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Malcolm is quite the talent. But I swear he has a black cloud over him. If it's not injuries, it's mechanicals, both of which I think has really held him back. His sister Victoria is also extremely fast and one of the few females in our series to compete and be successful against the men. Sadly their father who was a huge contributor in the offroad world passed away last year which I think really slowed things down for both of them. Victoria moved to Ontario and is now the marketing director for Husqvarna Canada. There is also a younger brother that lives in Kamloops and is also extremely fast but never seemed to be all that into racing...

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Hey thanks guys, appreciate the positive notes!


Monk is right, I've had a black cloud consisting mostly of injuries hovering over me for a few years now. This last injury has been the longest recovery of them all. I'm getting some nerve numbing/blocking shots into my ankle and foot until I fuse the joint, which I'm told will eliminate the pain.


I'm being held back legally as well. I have private insurance, and when I do get fused I will have 6 months of my wage covered to recover. If I advertise myself as riding and racing again I void this coverage. Everyday I'm tempted to call them and cancel my insurance and to just deal with it, but with the current pain I'm still waiting it out.


I have always been "All in" when it comes to racing, training and everything involved. I have a hard time not lining up and getting on the gas, but I'm thinking long term and know it will pay off at the end.



Here's a few pictures of me on my kx250. I love this bike.





Riding at home



The last Endurocross race I was in before my latest injury. This was during practice.



Looking for spare change.



No studs no problem.



Yes this was a flat landing. I bottom out on occasion.



Working at it with 8 pins sticking out of my right foot/ankle.



Me and my dad, fathers day 2012.








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