Knobby tires on the road.... Wibble wobble!

Just curious did anyone look for a loose nut connecting the bars to the seat to the foot pegs.

Just an old joke. You know.

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I tried looking but came up empty handed :-)

I run the same tires on my street legal Ktm 250 xcw 2t (ac10s)there's nothing you can do about that feeling it's just a knobby on the road. Ain't no SM

Finally installed the GPR V4, which lead to a new top clamp and new hand guards and mirrors and having to build new brackets for my switches (had HDB which all connected together)

Anyhow..... Stabilizer really makes a difference!

Before the GPR, I could barely hit 55 and it would wobble bad. Today I hit 74 before it started feeling bad. But with knobbies on concrete I don't expect it to be perfect.

I did check the steering bearings and they're good. I bought new rims to install as well. Eventually I'll ditch those AC10s and see how it goes from there. But as-is the GPR is a solid investment.

I found my gooseneck bearings were worn and the steering had this 'notchy' feel ....even with a steering stabilizer

When I was riding, esp at low speed, oddly enough it fely like a wobble like I had a bent rim or something


Takes about 5 min to check

Put it up on a stand and turn bars

Should feel perfectly smooth

Also, stand in front of bike

Grab both fork legs at the bottom and pull up and down

Thanks. She is smooth as can be side to side and no play in steering stem.

Last things to check would be how "true" the rims are.

Maybe balance tires.

From there, get rid of the AC10's.

dirt bike tires behave like that on tarmac, ride in sand a little and its just as unnerving only 10 fold , just ignor you will get use to feeling

Honestly I'm pretty good with it now (after installing stabilizer)

I found a good deal on new wheels a bit back that I snagged so I'll install those just to see.

I hate riding in sand... Unless it's just easy paced and open area.

D606 rear will feel blocky till you get moving then smothes out. It may take a rwenty minute ride for things to seat right and tread level a bit. Then you are good to go . 20psi serves me good for both on and off since im known to just lock it up and cut right for no apparent reason and go off mt21 front btw. Like no other!

KENDA Parker dot tires are awesom on dirt and pavement

I'll look at both of those.

The 11 years I've been riding (street) I've always ran Michelin tires. So when I bought the WR I just stuck with it.

Time to expand my views I guess.

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