DOH! Tyre pressures :-/

N00b mistake. Is isn't check my tyre pressures. I've done about 30 hours of desert riding with them up at 26C front and rear (maybe more if the heat of some of the days riding is taken into account as this morning was relatively cool). I was wondering why the front was feeling so harsh on gatch tracks.

Something I read this morning over my morning coffee prompted me to pop out to the bike and check it. It was a real DOH! moment

I've now put my tyre pressure gauge in my pack and I'm going to get to the habit of checking pressures as part of my pre ride check along with fluids. I'm interested to see how much variation there will be with the ambiant air temp. At the moment it's cool here at around 11C in the mornings, come the summer it will be knocking on the door of 30 when we start rides

I check 'em before every ride.  Those two little contact patches are pretty important.

I check 'em before every ride. Those two little contact patches are pretty important.

I agree. I've put a digital gauge in my pack. Lesson learnt

Can't believe I was starting to mess with softening compression settings before checking the tyre pressures. Feel daft! :-/

Lately I've been riding on 8psi front/rear.

I'm also in the uae.

Gone the other way I've come up to 24/22 f/r found a lot more stability

Also the brand of tyre makes a huge difference dunlops send a lot of info to the rider Pirelli send a lot less, then the diameter is different between brands as well with 20mm different between Bridgestone and Pirelli both stamped the same size

I don't go lower than about 11 psi in front or 13 in the rear.  I have had pinch flats running below that.  Depends on the terrain and riding though.  No big jumps or fast square edge hits and you could probably go lower.

I run 12-14 psig, any less and I get flats. You need an accurate gauge though, not sure how you get one. I use the bazillion dollar transducer at work to adjust mine.

Did the same last year at my first Harescramble. Night before I thought I would be smart and overfill them to 20 so race day I could just bleed them out easier. Registration line was HUGE and I struggled to make the start, all while forgetting to lower them. I think I bounced off every root and rock in the woods for the whole 2 hours.

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