2005 kx250

Hey guys.

Quick question. Is the 2005 model different from the 06/08? Asking for a friend as I'm sure I read somewhere that some parts don't fit the 05 and vide versa. I had a 07 so wasn't to sure.

Thanks for any info

There are a few small differences. They are all in the engine. Crank is one that is different. As for the chassis, They are all the same except I'm pretty sure the rear shock changed just for the 07 year.


05 is the best year to have though. 

06 and 07 have hi/lo speed adj on shock, wave rotors, different hubs

...brown clamps, different KIPS on top of the cylinder, woodruff key on crank, clutch basket is different, head is different, TCV valve in forks is different, shaft clevis is shaped differently for flat sided bolt, shock body is brown, hi-lo adjuster as mentioned, aluminum bars, different clamp for kill switch wire, seat cover, silencer is supposed to be different, and of course...




Thanks for the replies. He didn't believe me that some parts from the newer models won't fit to the 05.

Had a feeling I was correct

For the most part, they can all be made to work, but you might need a few surrounding parts.  For instance, the rotors and hubs are different, different rotor bolt pattern, but you can swap out the rotor/hub together.  Same axle and bearings, etc.  I'm pretty sure the same goes with the primary drive, but you basically need the whole right side of the engine.  IIRC there's a thread on the engine right side here somewhere.  

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