Linkage Protection

I just got a 2013 KTM 300 XC and need something to protect the linkage. So far I have found three options. Are there any others? What do you have experience with? What do you prefer and why?


1. Obie link guard.



Less expensive


easy install




Not as strong as the others?


2. Slavens Racing Link Skid



Looks strong

good value?

Looks easy to install



Not as strong as the fast away?

middle wieght


3. Pro Moto Billet Fastaway Linkage guard



Looks stout!

Adjustable suspension



Is this really $300 worth of aluminium?

Harder install?


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The slavens would be the most difficult install for sure. Ive used both the slavens and fastway units. The fastway is the easiest to maintain and clean due to its all in one functionality. The slavens unit tends to cup dirt and rocks (yes rocks) inside of it, as the backside of it isnt as open as the fastway unit. After multiple seasons of abuse, the aluminum glide plate gets weak and is prone to bending when force is directed square on it. This requires the guard to be disassembled and a hammer taken to the bottom plate to flatten it out again. Otherwise it grinds against the shock clevis making squeaks as well as obvious cosmetic wear to the shock.

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I recently put a Fastaway guard on my Beta 300. Yeah, not cheap, but neither is a wasted link. Good piece of mind, and helps the bike slide over the large downed trees and that ##@# rock that sometimes can't be avoided..

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