Some pics from the mudfest at gatorback.

My shifter bent down from a rock or something in the first corner. I spent the whole 2 hour race in 2nd gear. I messed up with the gopro. I took a short video on the way to the starting line but then I must have pressed the front button. Instead of starting a video before my race I just took a pic. 










Thanks for sharing. Awsome shots. How many bikes, in your class, & where did you place? Now ask yourself, what if you rode that cr500.

Damn looks fun! Im gonna take the old beast out to a few races this summer as well an see how she goes. Nice job

Awsome pics , your bike looks very standard (like mine) . how does it hold up against the newer dirt bikes? my brother and i had a drag race the past weekend (my 650l vs his yfz450 quad) and there wasnt that much of a difference except off the line .  

I placed 4th out of 10. Kyle overalled the race on his 94 cr 125 and beat me by 10 minutes. 2nd place was Delmi on his 94 kx250 by 5 minutes and 3rd was Login on the 94 cr250 by 3 minutes.

So what would be your expectation if you rode the CR500? I would think too much wheel spin, thus less traction and control.

Do you think Kyle has the advantage by weight or skill or both? Did you go down? or get stuck anywhere? 4th is still good! Congrates!

very nice! The pig can rip on the track.

I don't know about the 500. This race was muddy and slippery around the whole track so regular handling expectations didn't apply. There was no traction or control on any bike. Kyle of course has a major advantage being on a race bike. He is a smaller guy, even smaller than me, and he is a AA rider. On equal bikes I would assume we're equal. Since we've raced there so many times the whoops in the woods are big and they bottom out the xr. You can't "skim" across them like you can on an mx bike. I would say that in each small section of whoops between turns, Kyle and the others could gain an easy 3 seconds on me because I had to slow down and roll them.


I didn't get stuck anywhere, but I almost didn't make it up a huge hill. There was a group of riders at the bottom stopped. I had to come to a stop and wait for one to move his bike. Then I had to take a run at the hill starting at the bottom in 2nd gear. I'll attach a pic of the hill I'm taking about. 


Vision was my main killer in this race. As you can see in the pics I started with a silver pair of goggles that kept fogging up. Then I rode part of a lap with no goggles, holding those on my arm and paying too much attention not to drop or ruin them because they're expensive. On the 3rd lap I pulled into the pits to get new ones which cost me 3 minutes. 


My only fall was when I stopped to wipe the fog from the inside of my goggles. The ground was so slippery that I fell just trying to put my foot on the ground once I stopped. It was like I was on ice. 



Nice job Looks like fun but frustrating at the same time.

We're proud of ya boy! :thumbsup: Your the new official XR ambassador   :usa: and the new R&D dept., for shift levers !   :applause:

Is this a paid position? 

Yes! We are paying you mucho respect!   :smirk:

I'm still the points leader, but I wont get the championship. In our series we only count our best %70 of races towards the season totals. We also get one "work" credit which gives us our best finish if we volunteer at the race to help. So I could get another win if I volunteered at the track but I don't think it would make a difference, and I can't really help because I have a pre-entry business at the track so I'm stuck at my booth all weekend. 


Since I'm most likely stuck at 2nd place for the championship, I will probably race AA on the pic at the daytona event. 



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Your a Champ in our eyes!

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