New to Phonix Area....Looking for riding suggestions




I'm new to the area (and website). Live in Gilbert (Power Ranch)I'm looking for some suggestions of places to ride and get back into the swing of things. I've been off a bike for about 2.5 years after owning one for 2 years.


Recently I went for a ride with a friend from out of town, by Butcher Jones/Saguaro lake area for my first ride out here in phoenix, it was a great time. Good sand washes, few hill climbs, rocky terrain, and found a little peninsula that goes all the way to the lakes edge for some mid-ride cliff jumping,


I have a few places in mind from doing some research online Rolls, Bulldog, Coke Ovens/Box Canyon, Four Peaks. Anyone like any of these areas? And I should mention that I mat be riding solo the first few trips (until I meet some more people), so maybe some where that is a cool "practice area" where you can stay decently close to your truck (for safety) would be awesome. I mostly enjoy trail riding right now as I'm not skilled enough to be clearing 80ft tables at tracks, and don't enjoy holding more experienced riders up. I do enjoy riding the track when its not very crowded.


There used to be a 4 mile practice loop I could ride to from my house, it was really good practice, and I miss it. Few jumps, some single track loops, burms, etc.....I figured maybe some locals would know of a spot around here that's similar.


Anyhow. I'd like to get some input from some locals. And perhaps meet some new people to go riding with from time to time. I recently picked up a 2010 KX450f and am in the process of adjusting the bike to myself. I'm open to any input, riding place suggestions, and riding invites.


Feel free to message me. Thanks everyone. Looks like a great site.

All those places are good, I like box canyon, but if your solo I would stick to the rolls or sycamore creek area, so if you go down there will be people to help.

Be safe and have fun !

You basically located the southern portion of the Rolls OHV when you were at Saguaro Lake in the Butcher Jones Rec. area. If you rode those trails north they make up the Rolls OHV area. If you continued all the way north you would arrive at the Rolls staging area, and also the access to Four Peaks (route 143). Also from the Rolls staging area/Four Peaks you can go west and cross the Beeline Hwy, and then you are in one of the Sycamore staging areas, and have access to all the Sycamore riding. Sycamore has a mix of the best off road riding around from wide open washes to technical single track and everything in between. Bulldog Canyon is another nearby OHV area for east valley riders, and that area is basically all double track/jeep trail type stuff and a mix of sand and rock. I live close to Bulldog, and ride that area quite a bit. Out east towards Florence is the Coke ovens/Box Canyon area which is quite large. I've only ridden there a couple times so I'm not too familiar with that area.


Well if you live in Power Ranch that is real close to me, I'm near Ironwood/Ocotillo in Queen Creek. Haven't been lately, but I usually ride Sundays if you're interested in meeting up for a ride.


Oh yeah, make sure to get your OHV plate for your bike, and if you want to ride Bulldog get your free permit for that area.


OHV info:


Bulldog Canyon:

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Thanks for the reply guys. I haven't heard anyone from around here mention sycamore creek before. I've been google mapping new areas like its an addiction. Trying to get my bearings straight around here.

I got my OHV tags and plate the day I bought the bike, so good to go on those fronts, but thank you for the heads up. Much appreciated.

Sportcycles. Id be down to meet up for a ride on a Sunday. That's is.....if you don't mind riding with a guy who's still a bit rusty. It'll only be my second trip out on the bike, so I'm no A or B class rider. I rode with my buddy Last time, and he rides A class.....he is always giving me pointers. Id be down to try out bulldog. I read in another thread they have a decent practice area to warm up on for bit by the parking area. I got my permit for there 2 weekends ago before switching the ride to saguaro lake.

Ill pm you. See what your schedules like.

Welcome to AZ MIke! You've already heard back from some good guys, and you'll have no problem finding people to ride with. You also happen to be in an area with world class riding!


I live about 15 minutes from one of the Bulldog entrances, about 25 minutes from the Rolls and about 30 - 40 minutes from Sycamore (depending on staging area) so I am happy to ride any of those areas.  I'm getting to know some Florence stuff as well, and there are some good trails out there too. I ride weekday early mornings, and have one, maybe two Saturday (half days) a month open up, so let me know how your schedule works and we can try and go out. 

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Thanks Kenpo1.


I'll pm you my info. I tend to be able to break away from work whenever I need/want to, so its a possibility we could do a weekday. But I'm not so sure im an early morning kinda guy. My definition of early is when my daughter wakes up between 7-8am. lol

Hello, you can ride with me and another member Biaxident. He's a new rider also. I also have a friend of mine getting ready to purchase a new bike for their first bike. I have not ridden my bike in 2 years and I'm going to get back into it here shortly. This can be a newbie group. Lol

I try to go riding either Monday or Tuesdays. It sounds like I'm near the Kenpo, mckellips and Ellsworth. I ride bulldog canyon but I'm a slow rider came from quads. Shoot me a PM if you want to ride.

Kenpo, do you ride a XR? I see a XR head down Ellsworth 2-3 times a week

I try to go riding either Monday or Tuesdays. It sounds like I'm near the Kenpo, mckellips and Ellsworth. I ride bulldog canyon but I'm a slow rider came from quads. Shoot me a PM if you want to ride.

Kenpo, do you ride a XR? I see a XR head down Ellsworth 2-3 times a week


Yea, we're close, I'm just a bit south of you. I'm on an RM 250. I've been off it for a few weeks now as I ran into some bad luck with the bike again (it's been a tough season in that regard) but I'm down to go as soon as I get it back up and going. 


Sounds like we've got a lot of interested guys out here in the East Valley. Should be able to get some consistent rides going. 

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Nice. All this sounds good. I'm glad to hear we have a lot of east valley guys riding. Look forward to many meet ups! Message me anytime. I'm always down for a ride, a beer, a hang out, to help a fellow rider work on a bike, etc.....

Yeah, what Merkanyin said. I'm down to ride and you wouldn't have to worry about holding me up since I'm pretty new. I also live nearby. I'm just off the i10/202 in Chandler. It will be a few weeks out until I have all my gear and transport. I'm kind of going overkill with gear and tools: got a GPS, vest with water bladder, going to carry some repair items etc.. Last thing I want is to be stuck out in the desert miles from the truck.


I got my OHV plate/tags last week and just finished fixing an issue with my bike so I'm just playing the waiting game right now.

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I'm going to ride bulldog around 11 am on Tuesday. starting at the Ellsworth entrance (some soft sand areas) I dual sport so I normally take the streets back but I don't mind returning to the staging area.

Call or text if you are interested. I'm flexible on time.

(Ate 50)- 55niner- 9784. - Nick

It must have been the sun city's razor club out there on Tuesday 10-15 of them. They were about 50/50 on trail etiquette. Some refused to let me by.

It must have been the sun city's razor club out there on Tuesday 10-15 of them. They were about 50/50 on trail etiquette. Some refused to let me by.


:foul:  :banghead:

Headed out for a ride tomorrow in the A.M. with a buddy. Undecided on location as of yet. Somewhere out by bulldog/rolls/4peaks/sycamore. Won't be leaving super early due to drinking plans to tonight :) maybe 9.....ish.

PM if you wanna meet up. Last weekends group was a blast.

I got all my parts in today. May be unreasonable to get it all together tonight after work, but maybe. Shoot me a PM or a text when you decide where to go, if I get it done at a reasonable time tomorrow maybe I can try and find you guys. 

Next time you guys head out shoot me a PM!  My usual riding buddy is turning lame and never wants to ride any more.  I just bought a new 500 exc and I've been itching to get it out.  I live up in North Phoenix but I'll make the drive down if you guys ever do a sat or sun ride.

Going out to Bulldog canyon tomorrow a.m. for a short ride. I'll probably be dual sporting on the klx. Getting out there around 8am and finished riding before noon most likely. I'll be entering from one of the Apache junction entrances: willow and/or cottonwood.

Change of plans, going out to sycamore tomorrow at 8am

Gonna play hookie from work tomorrow morning before I head in around noon. Headed to bulldog in the a.m. staging at apache junction entrance. Gonna go test some new suspension settings and mess around. Little late but if anyone wants to join I'll be there 8am.

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