Clutch short pushrod help

For my 91, i didnt have a bearing in there so i ordered one with the new clutch. I now see that the wrong short pushrod is in there which is why the clutch worked without the bearing. (When installing, the pressure plate didnt contact the last fiber with the bearing in there). My question is if the clutch is working, should i worry about replacing the pushrod with a new one (its about $35) or just run it as is with the wrong part and no bearing. I didnt know if the difference in size is a problem. Make sense? I have a pic of the pushrod. It has to be from a year that either has a shorter push rod (long) or no bearing. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1425428300.612650.jpg

if it works why would you like to change it?

Fair enough. I didnt know if it was or could be causing damage. But youre right. It worked for a long time, however the bike wasnt ridden hardly at all. Any idea what year that looks from?

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