2007 crf250r clutch problems

hi i just got a 2007 crf250r and am having some confusions with the clutch. it has no free play and all of the adjustments are completly backed out all the way. Also when i am idling and shift into 1st gear it hops more than normal cauing it to stall as if the clutch isnt working. The rear wheel does not roll with clutch lever pulled in and i am utterly confused on what is wrong! please help!!!!

You adjust the clutch adjusters in for more free play, that's probably what you mean right? How does the clutch feel when you pull it in? Smooth or notched? Is your cable routed properly?it should go down the clutch side of the frame behind the radiator mounts?clutch drag could be caused by a notched clutch basket and/or hub. I would start by figuring out why you don't have free play. Does your trans oil smell burned?

ya the cable runs the correct path. i might drain my transmission oil and take a look at the plates and the baskets but would really like to start easy with a new clutch cable or even just adjusting it. i will mess around adjusting it and tell the results tomorrow

As your clutch wears, it removes free play from the system. Remove and measure all of your clutch plates and see if they're within their service limits and look ok.

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